Friday, September 5, 2008

Just Landed in Doha

Espressamente illy Cafe is reachable in Doha through its two trendy outlets located on the following addresses

New Nissan Showroom, Salwa Road Near Ramada Junction, Doha-Qatar. Tel 00974-4283341
Al Fardan Towers, West Bay, Doha-Qatar Tel 00974-4989456

Opening Hours :
Saturday-Thursday from 8:30 till 00:00
Fridyas from 15:00 till 00:00

The Concept

In Italy, the café is a vibrant hub of the social network and a daily ritual for most people; a place where locals go to relax and connect with others as the barista serves their favorite brew. Now, through the creation of espressamente illy, the art of the Italian café culture can be enjoyed outside Italy in true premium-quality illy fashion. espressamente illy is much more than a place to drink an excellent espresso; it also stimulates thought and creativity, provides a welcoming respite from the daily routine, and gives the visitor a truly memorable authentic Italian experience